What worked for me…

Advice for when trying to loose weight.
Smaller portions instead of going hours between big meals. Drink lots of water. Make your sleep schedule consistent and increase the fiber intake. Also taking ginger or magnesium daily can help with digestion!! You want to burn more calories than you take in. Trying to be active every chance you get. Take the long way in to get a few extra steps. Even if it’s small exercise like walking, do it because it will make you feel better and if you eat healthy small portions throughout the day you should have steady energy without overeating and indulging.
Practice mindfulness and being aware of your body and what effects it and my mood.
I cannot stress this enough-when you are trying to avoid eating something drink water! A lot of times we think we’re hungry but what we’re confusing that with is our bodies wanting water, through drinking and eating.
The water fills your stomach if it’s having hunger pains.
Also only eat when you are hungry. This helped me a lot because I would eat when I’m bored.

Drink water when you feel hungry or you’re craving because it will fill your stomach and help keep you hydrated. Sometimes we think we’re hungry when our bodies really need more water. Also something that helped me is only eating when you’re hungry. Don’t eat away emotions and don’t eat when you’re bored which I was guilty of. I have struggled since middle school to loose weight hoping it would stop the bullying. It did make a difference but don’t ever let other people be the reason you want to improve yourself. You should love yourself and respect yourself enough to want to improve for yourself because really you’re only guaranteed yourself in the future. Even that is unsure which is why it’s important to appreciate every moment and to live and enjoy the present.

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