The outside perspective

Don’t ever let other people be the reason you want to improve yourself. You should love yourself and respect yourself enough to want to improve for yourself because really you’re only guaranteed yourself in the future.

Even that is unsure which is why it’s important to appreciate every moment and to live and enjoy the present.

You can have all the advice in the world but if you’re not ready for it you won’t have the perspective you need for it to be helpful.

I find myself learning new depths of things I thought I knew. Like communication. I can always learn more and be flexible.
Not sure why it’s so difficult for me to have compassion for myself. So little respect for myself and my own feelings because I’m so desperate to please others while giving my friends the advice to love themselves and basically do everything I should have done.
I never seem to take my own advice.

Seeing different perspectives can be hard if you don’t know if there’s more to see.
Maybe the trick is to always be looking. To be conscious mindful and alert in interpreting situations and emotions and how those are connected. To always be aware that there can be a different perspective.
Everything I think I know can change.
Based off of how I view it.
New information can update what we know as FACT.
So it’s important to keep in mind we don’t know all the facts and that majority of the time we respond with emotion even when logic tells us to do different.
That gut feeling you ignore-probably the logical part but you push it away to do what you think you want. We need to know that our knowledge doesn’t give us any type of pull over others. By knowing our knowledge isn’t fact and knowing there’s MORE THAN ONE WAY and more than just YOUR way, we can respect what others are trying to tell us. We can really LISTEN when we take a step back from our ego.
Understand that what you want can change so sacrifice can be necessary in the present. Respecting others leads to acknowledging what they need and being proactive in responding in productive ways.

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