How to understand others ‘bad’ behaviors

Don’t be afraid to open up to the people that have proved they care. everyone’s hurt is reflected from them subconsciously. We have to heal it. The people that want to work WITH you to lift each other up and not take each other’s insecurities personally are the ones worth putting effort into.💙💙

People that don’t try to understand your perspective will drain you if you try to please them!!

I recently found out that because I assumed the worst I didn’t open up and people don’t trust others that look closed off and suspicious. I thought I could make friends by just being friendly but turns out the only real good relationships I had were from the ones I opened up in because people really do want to care. Sometimes.

I drove people away assuming the worst from them and we all self sabotage ourselves when we don’t love ourselves and understand that other people’s perspective is MAJORLY impacted by experiences.
Every one has different experiences so we all need to work harder to understand other people’s perspective instead of focusing on the hurt and displaying it in toxic ways.

And to make a conscious effort to remember that when someone hurts you, express it effectively so it doesn’t haunt you later. It’s easier not to take it personally when you know their rudeness stems from THEIR PERSPECTIVE and if you explain to them how their actions hurt you then hopefully the communication can get you somewhere.

There’s nothing wrong with YOU. There’s just so much toxic in the world from hurt people hurting people.

Let’s learn to love ourselves and understand that there will ALWAYS be a different perspective. Just because something is what you’ve always known or done does not make it right. There can be more than one way. What’s right is usually a matter of opinion and humans make the mistake of thinking their opinions and values are factwhen in reality they are flexible.
We build toxic habits without knowing. They don’t just appear . We have to put effort into self work to find out what’s truly hurting us. I appreciate those of you who read my writing.
I hope I explained everything in a way that made sense to YOU. 💙💞

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