Deception of emotions

I’m Consistently seen as happy. Referred by co workers as a walking ray of sunshine. Contagious cheerfulness. 🤗🤩
I only recently realized how much I repress emotions and completely hide them from others. 😶I do act happy because it helps the mindset. It helps me get through troubles. 💪
I didn’t realize that I was APPEARING so closed off when I’m constantly trying to start conversations and build relationships.🤨🧐
I never feel like they care enough. I treat people how I want to be treated but that golden rule DOES NOT WORK. 😔😪However I might get some good karma at times. 💙I show all the love I can, just wanting someone to put back that same effort and charisma. Why does everyone seem so cold and heartless.🙄
When someone is hurt what determines if they turn hateful or if they turn to love.💔
I know I always showed love because I didn’t want others to hurt since I know how it feels. 💘Others feel better from judging and hurting… something people don’t always realize they’re doing… that ego coming in play. Reflecting insecurities on others.⚔️
Why are so many things we do stemming from insecurities and why are we so blind that we try to blame other people instead of taking a look at how you were reacting as well. 🔬
Why is the EGO so present when it hurts others so easily.
It seems like an endless cycle of hurt people hurting people.
When does it stop. 🔮
When do people start looking at themselves.
When do they say I’m hurt but I’m not going to take it out on others.🎁
Then why are the people that turn to love constantly stepped over. Used. Abused.🌝
Where’s the protection for the kindhearted?
I found myself completely ignoring my emotions for other people. ☔️
So worried about pleasing others I abused myself by not respecting myself even when others didn’t respect me. 🌊🥀
It forced the words I wanted to say so deep that I stopped thinking they mattered. 🙅‍♀️
But they do matter and it’s so important to feel them. 😩🤣😍😭😏😁
Not feeling them gets you through the day but at the end you have to deal with them before you go to bed crying every night without knowing why you’re feeling so horrible.😖 Desperately overthinking and battling yourself into depression.😰
Increased anxiety isn’t fun.
Pay attention to yourself and how you feel and most importantly, how your actions AND REACTIONS (including not reacting and keeping it to yourself, being passive aggressive, having an attitude and expecting others to mind read) effect others so you can learn how to better love the people you care about.
A lot of the times our reactions attract the hurt we’re trying to avoid. Inner peace and love is crucial.
We must heal the hurt we have to avoid hurting others💞💓💗

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