My toxic trait is I hate peoples so I’m super picky with who I get close with and forget that other people actually would want my effort/ love
It’s weird to feel accepted when you spent childhood feeling excluded and rejected.
You get used to not having to build friendships to a deeper level and now that people want this type of friendship… I’m not sure if I’m even opening up in the right way to make it last🙄
Why didn’t anyone warn me that once we left high school people would treat you like a normal person and that they would actually appreciate my personality traits?
Like I spent so much time being told that there was something wrong with me ranging from physical traits to my family to my personality. Adults realize that personality is important.
It really does show how childish people are in high school. They got mad because I wasn’t afraid to show who I was.
They got mad because I didn’t do what everyone else did to fit in.
Now look… I’m being appreciated for everything good I am. For everything different. They see that! And like it!
Why couldn’t these kids have different mindsets. Even some adults.
I finally understand that their rudeness and cruelty was a reflection of the trauma that they’ve went through but failed to stop the pattern. They continued to traumatize others because they can’t handle their own bull!
Our perception of ourselves are shaped by other people at a very young age so Why aren’t we appreciative of each other’s differences since we’re all human and we all make mistakes and we are all unique.
We’re all unique yet spend so much time putting people into groups. Then we all feel like we aren’t special.
Like we all self sabotage ourselves and the way to stop the cycle of hurt is to face it with love and understanding.
Everyone grows up different. Stop being so harshly judgmental! Look at someone to UNDERSTAND them not to JUDGE them and you’ll see a lot more potential out there!

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