Personal Growth

I want to share what I learn from my experiences to not only vent my thoughts but also to help bring comfort for others when they see something that relates to them. I love to find out WHY I’m feeling something or reacting in a specific way…To know you aren’t alone in your pain can make a big difference 💙

I want to use this blog as a chance to get to know myself better. I want to be open with people so they can see who I am. My writing has always helped me express my thoughts in a more organized way.

I would like to connect to other people that understand me and will grow with me. I want to help others get through troubling times because everyone needs a little support💓 and it has always made me feel better to help others.

  • I don’t appear this deep in person. I’m seen more as an outgoing scatter brain probably so this is the place to get to know the most intimate parts of my personality.

I’m looking to find people that treat me right or at least put in the same effort. Covid makes it hard to meet new people. Social Media seems to only scratch the surface of who we really are. Hoping that this can be a new resource for support and friendships.

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